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"A thorough and competent investigation will often make the difference between an acquittal or a conviction. It is a fact that the District Attorney’s Office or the Attorney General’s Office will be using all available resources to prosecute your case. This includes the local police, detectives, District Attorney’s Investigators and state investigators. It is imperative that you also have resources working on your side."

"Additionally, in criminal defense work it is extremely beneficial to involve an investigator that has law enforcement experience, especially in the area of investigating and preparing cases for filing. These types of investigators have first hand experience investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses (especially difficult witnesses), working closely with prosecutors and testifying in court and are able to identify “weak points” in the prosecution’s case."

Authored by The Solution Group for California Justice Magazine June 2008.
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Company Profile The Solution Group is a Los Angeles based legal and private investigation firm created from a foundation of over twenty five years of law enforcement investigative experience. We provide a wide variety of legal and private investigative services and will structure our investigations around your specific needs. Our clients include law firms, independent attorneys, corporations and members of the public. We pride ourselves on conducting timely and detail oriented investigations that will strengthen your case and provide you with answers.
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