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Over 50 years of investigative experience.

Legal & Private Investigations

The Solution Group is a Los Angeles based legal and private investigation firm operating on a foundation of over fifty-seven years of professional investigative experience in the areas of law enforcement, private investigation, fugitive recovery and specialty investigation experience. This wide-ranging experience gives us the ability to excel and provide our clients with positive results. We are flexible and will structure our investigations around your specific needs and budget.

Our clients include independent attorneys, small and medium size law firms, corporations, celebrity and high-profile clients, bail bond agents across the country, as well as the general public. We pride ourselves on conducting detailed investigations and preparing quality written reports that will strengthen your case and provide you with information and solutions.


Experienced Professionals

  • 57 Years of Law Enforcement, Private Investigation and Fugitive Recovery Experience
  • Criminal Defense, Civil, Family Law and State Licensing Administrative Defense Investigations
  • Criminal Justice System Experts
  • Law Enforcement Polices & Procedures and Police Use of Force Experts
  • Fugitive Recovery Procedures Experts